MetroLab Announces New Initiative on Data Governance

  1. Formally establish the MetroLab Network Data Governance (MNDG) Community of Practice, a collaborative group of subject matter experts with substantial expertise in one or more of the key elements of city or county data governance.
  2. Have the MNDG Community of Practice members study and share information and practice tools they have assembled to co-produce and co-publish a Model Data Governance Policy and Practice Guide for Cities and Counties with the following six components: 2a. Definitions and Core Principles, 2b. Standardization of Data Classifications and Data Integrity Measures, 2c. The “Operationalizing How” (of departmental organization/connectedness, centralization vs. decentralization of various functions, including procurement, oversight mechanisms regarding data and data analytics), 2d. Data Privacy and Protection, 2e. Data Use Rights and Data Sharing, and 2f. Needs and Methods for Community Engagement.
  3. Convene dialogues on emerging data governance issues and challenges faced by cities and counties.
  4. Serve as a potential model for other MetroLab Task Forces that seek to adopt a community of practice approach.
  • Josh Schacht, MetroLab Network (program lead)
  • Tony Luppino, UMKC (co-facilitator)
  • Miles Light, Future of Privacy Forum (co-facilitator)



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MetroLab Network

MetroLab Network

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